Hire a Virtual CFO

Desperately want to grow your business but operating without a financial forecast?

It can feel like you are building your business in the dark.

We help you grow your bottom line.


Take profit from low to high

We understand the challenges of starting and running a small business. The first step to managing your money is making sure it is coming in the door in the first place. Bookkeeping and taxes are important but they won’t help you increase top line revenue or make the smartest decisions about your expenses to grow your bottom line. As a Finance Learning Lab CFO, we focus on fit-for-purpose tools and strategies to help you bring in more revenue and spend smarter so that you can grow your net profit.

Did you think you would be making more by now?

Our CFO services are tailored for small business owners who need need help getting their numbers back on track.

  • Pouring your heart and soul into your idea but still not seeing the financial rewards?
  • Putting in countless hours and just hoping the numbers take care of themselves?
  • Still not making enough to really pay yourself full time yet?

Finance Learning Lab Virtual CFO can help

Get started with Finance Learning Lab Virtual CFO

Schedule an onboarding call

We walk discuss the program and your questions. If it is a good mutual fit, we’ll send a payment link so you can officially hire us.

Set a start date for your 12-week CFO

Decide when to start your virtual CFO services. We will work with you for 16-weeks to get back on track.

Transform your business with a custom plan

Watch your top line revenue grow and keep more of your bottom line profit.

Who will I be working with as my virtual CFO?

Carolyn Scissons, CPA, CMA, CIA, PMP, MBA: I love working with founders and any accounting help already on their team to take everyone to the next level. Since I’ve taken the advanced technical classes (from accounting degrees and designations to graduate school and extensive entrepreneurial training) I can spare you the boring details and help you get better results faster. I have also lead the financial and accounting teams at large public companies and I’ve also been a solopreneur so I know how to craft a fit-for-purpose finance shop that is just right for your goals.

What will it cost to bring in a part time CFO?

Monthly All-In Fee for Virtual CFO services: $880 (USD)

  • No long term contracts
  • 100% Happiness Guarantee
  • No need to get organized first (We will help you with that!)

We Offer a 12-Week Virtual CFO Revenue Growth Package

We meet weekly for CFO advisory sessions to go deep on your problems.

You will get a customized plan for your business covering:

  • Cost management tools
  • Revenue goals and analytics to increase customer lifetime profitability
  • Forecasting and translation of your vision into tangible numbers
  • Key financial and non-financial metric dashboard

Plus each week, you’ll receive tools, templates and videos to upskills the processes you are currently using.

All the above for only $880/month!

Call 403-390-8037 or use the link below to schedule a meeting