So what happens next?

So what happens next? Easy. Working with us entails three steps.

  1. Click “Buy Now”
  2. Pick your kick-off date and
  3. Prepare to look like a superstar

So you might be wondering how this will all work? Well from start to finish, we will need 3 hours of time from you and any core project stakeholders. We organize this time into 60-minute deep dive sessions scheduled at your convenience. We have perfected the art of getting everything we need out of these sessions. Unlike other e-learning providers, we also supplement these deep dive sessions with our own research into any special requirements you might have; from branding guidelines to multiple layers of management review.

You will also receive a welcome email containing everything you need to brief your subject matter experts and stakeholders and to schedule your preferred kick-off date for your project. We are a fast and nimble team so from our side, we can usually get your first deep dive session scheduled the same week. That said, we understand that you might need or want more time to connect with your internal stakeholders so we will go at your pace.

When you click “Buy Now” you will receive your invoice which can easily be paid online with a corporate procurement card or you can simply forward the invoice to your accounts payable department for processing.

Micro-Learning Project
  • Includes custom branding, all design and development. You get the source files so your entire organization is trained forever.
Full Length E-Course
  • Includes everything in Micro-Learning plus SCORM compliant file to enable tracking and reporting. Course length is up to 60 minutes.
E-Course + Live Workshop
  • Includes all the bells and whistles. In addition to the full length e-course, we facilitate a live workshop and produce communication materials to support your roll out.

I still have questions. Can I set up a meeting with you before we officially buy? Of course. Feel free to use this link to schedule a convenient time.