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At Finance Learning Lab, we are on a mission to empower all business owners to feel confident and in control of their numbers. That’s why we have committed to being radically generous in sharing our expertise so all solopreneurs can access our educational YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe to the Finance Learning Lab YouTube channel for over 30 free educational videos covering a range of topics from revenue, pricing, tax, cost structure and so much more.

We are continuously adding to our collection and always looking to partner and collaborate on any projects that can help empower small business owners to develop confidence with all things finance and accounting.

Be sure to bookmark this site and browse through our growing collection of learning resources.

Interactive e-learning self paced courses and games:

  • How to plan for start up costs
  • Four first year money mistakes to avoid
  • Business finance forecasting with a magic 8 ball
  • GST Postcard Quiz
  • Jungle Game – Discover your forecasting IQ
  • Cash Flow Ice Cream Game

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How to plan for start up costs – A free Finance Learning Lab mini course

The Finance Learning Lab YouTube channel is another avenue we offer to help demystify all things accounting. We know it can sound like a dry subject so we try our best to apply a creative, fun twist to it while focusing on practical, actionable insights. Subscribe here for the full portfolio of over 40 videos.

A small sample is included below but be sure to subscribe for free on YouTube to explore the full portfolio of over 40 videos.

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