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We design custom e-learning for the energy industry

Tell us what topic your company needs and we'll design and develop videos and e-courses specifically for you

We build interactive on-demand videos and e-learning for your team’s unique needs

If you are in the utility and energy space, tell us your topic and we will turn it into your very own custom online course

Do you cover regulatory projects? We do!

We work with you from the initial vague idea (“I think our staff need to know more about …”) all the way to your final, polished course ready to go. This can range from micro-training video explainers to full development of an online e-course. Want to know the best part? You own the digital assets so you pay once and can train all your people forever.

Creating a course or micro-training involves two stages: design and development. The design is like the architect drawing the blue prints while the development is like the construction crew building the new home. During design, we figure out what content areas and skills you need for your staff. During development, we use our technology to translate your vision into an interactive and engaging course. We can build realistic scenarios to make the messages stick or even gamification so your learners really gain new competencies.

Here is a sampling of project areas we support to give you a flavor.

Welcome page overview of project areas
Welcome page overview of project areas
Welcome page overview of project areas
Welcome page overview of project areas
Welcome page overview of project areas
Welcome page overview of project areas
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Stop wasting money!

Did you know that most e-learning providers typically charge $30k or more for a single hour of content. Think that is crazy? So do we!

Here is what the “other training guys” do. They appoint any available project manager and instructional designer. Probably someone who just wrapped up a course for a pharmaceutical company or a cosmetics line. They try their best… but without understanding the energy industry, the project drags on for months and sucks away countless hours from your busy subject matter experts.

At Regulatory Learning Lab, we use the same advanced course development technologies and specialized software but because we actually understand the energy industry, we deliver better training for a tiny fraction of the typical fees.

We know our prices are the best in the business so we aren’t shy about publishing what we charge right here on our website. We know that for energy companies in 2021, every dollar counts. We understand the challenges you face equipping your staff with the skills needed now and for the future. We give you certainty with one-time, fixed fee projects.

Because of the insane prices traditional corporate training vendors have been charging, most of the energy industry is behind the curve with online learning. Utilities might use it for compliance training but most of your team is missing out on business insights they need. At best, you might have power point slides that aren’t scalable and a presenter who is swamped trying to juggle training on top of the pressing demands from their day job.

So we decided to step in, disrupt the traditional e-learning marketplace and pass the savings on to you.

Everything you need is included in one fixed price. We want your learners to have the best training possible so we don’t “nickle-and-dime” you with added fees.

The 1990s called and they want their out dated training back

We believe boring training is ineffective training. If people aren’t paying attention, they aren’t learning. That’s why Regulatory Learning Lab is intentional about using a variety of innovative teaching techniques such as animations and vignettes to make the material memorable.

We use a range of creative styles and have an extensive toolbox to draw on so we can pick just the right approach for your project.

Can we do:

  • Quizzes? You bet
  • Gamification elements? Sure
  • Interactive exploration of equipment or new software? Of course
  • Storytelling principles? Indeed, we live for creativity
  • Voice overs? Not a problem
  • Media variety from cartoon to realistic imagery? Definitely!

Ready for the next step?

Micro-Learning Project
  • Includes all design and development. We interview your expert(s) and extract their insights into a form that you can share across your organization. We also include your logo and custom branding.
Full Length E-Course
  • Includes everything in Micro-Learning but longer (up to 60 minutes) plus you get a SCORM compliant file (a techie term that means you can track and report on who completed training). You own the digital course asset forever.
Platinum E-Course
  • Includes all the bells and whistles plus source files so your staff can edit the course content if changes are needed in years to come. We also create additional communication materials (like job aids and infographics) to support your roll out.

Not sure you can afford training? The real question is whether you can afford not to

Take a look at how much your organization burns in salary costs daily. If you have 500 employees, you are burning ~$136,986 every single day.

Let’s make sure that money doesn’t go to waste by getting your people equipped with the skills they actually need.

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Browse Regulatory Portfolio

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Showcase 2
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Showcase 5
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What does cake have to do with power generation?
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Another Perspective on Safety
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Five Fun Facts About Solar
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A twist on your year end safety moment
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Remember that all our projects are custom so you don’t need to find the specific topic you are interested in. All you need to do is tell us what topics you need and we will work with you to extract this knowledge from your in-house subject matter experts and supplement this with additional research to make the process easy for you and your team.

Doing nothing is the most expensive thing you can do

Ready for next steps? Perfect. Let’s make this happen. Click here to start your custom project.

Explore next steps starting at
  • Get a custom employee upskilling content created to address the specific problems your company is facing.
Nah I’m good letting this go to waste every day
  • Our company is ok with burning through this daily because it is easier to keep doing “what we have always done”. We don’t mind ignoring our obligation to upskill our employees.

If it happens at a utility, energy company or regulator we have got you covered

But do you cover . . . (insert your rare, complex and unique subject here)? We know that for 99% of organizations, your most valuable knowledge has never been written down or formally documented. It resides in the minds of your in-house experts and specialists. We have unique methods backed by academic research to extract this implicit knowledge, translate it into more accessible insights and equip you to share it broadly with your staff and stakeholders.

We also leverage our extensive database containing over 12 million digital assets. We know and understand the industry so we can propose concepts, visuals, graphics, icons and illustrations that are relevant to your project. If it is relevant to your project, we will also include professional male and female voice-over narration services (at no extra charge). Of course there are some limits. If you must have a utility worker sounding like an Elvis impersonator, wearing green socks and eating ice cream, we unfortunately can’t get quite that specific. But we will do our very best to craft new custom content to meet the unique needs of your project.

We only work in the energy industry. We don’t take on e-learning projects for medical firms, insurance companies or the manufacturing sector. We chose to specialize so that we could build something really special just for you. In addition to the deep dive session mentioned with your experts mentioned above, we perform additional research as needed to supplement and capture exactly what you want your staff to know.

We are truly committed to over-delivering on your project.

So if you are wondering whether we cover your topic, an easy test is to ask yourself if it is happening at a utility, energy company or regulator. If the answer is yes, we’ve got you covered and can’t wait to meet you!