Scheduling your deep dive sessions

We are so excited to work with you! For most projects, we hold three deep dive sessions scheduled at your convenience.

Deep dive # 1 : Kick off

Deep dive #2 : Skeleton review

Deep dive #3: Red pen revisions

As the project coordinator, you get to decide when these will be held. Once you select a date and time, you will automatically receive a calendar meeting reminder with zoom log in details when you reserve a time slot. In the meeting invite, you will also find “what to expect” details that can help give you and your team members additional context for the session. Then you can simply forward the meeting invitation to any additional internal stakeholders and subject matter experts (SMEs) you would to have join us for these sessions.

You can schedule these all up-front if you have a specific completion target in mind or simply start with the kick-off and schedule the subsequent deep dives as the project progresses.

As much as possible, we ask that once a session has been scheduled, you stick to that time. That said, we understand that life happens so you can use these same links to reschedule if necessary.

  • Deep Dive 1: Project Kick Off

  • Deep Dive 2: Skeleton Review

  • Deep Dive 3: Red pen day where we capture all your revisions