Our commitment to helping you and your team

Carolyn Scissons, CPA-CMA, CIA, PMP, MBA

I know how hard it is to start and scale a business. You have a limited budget and understandably need to be cautious that anything or anyone you invest in will truly be an investment. Your investments need to make you more money, not cost you money. As the owner of Finance Learning Lab, I understand this deeply and can promise you that I always strive to make sure anything you invest with us will give you a return on your time and money.

I’m well equipped to guide you and your team on your journey to financial literacy. Prior to starting Finance Learning Lab, I held a wide range of accounting leadership roles including most recently as the Director of Accounting and Finance overseeing a portfolio of a billion dollars. As an entrepreneur myself, I also know first hand what it is like to wonder if and how you will make your first dollar. I am here to help take you from where you are to the confident entrepreneur you were meant to be.

Since I have accumulated over 24,900 hours in business finance, I have built the expertise and the practical know-how to help people like you take your company to another level. You don’t need to learn it all the hard way like I did. I can help your company reach its potential in a fraction of the time it would take you to figure it out on your own or to keep bumbling away with a well-intentioned but ill-equipped bookkeeper.

Our seminars and services are thoughtfully crafted to equip you with the strategies and practical techniques you can immediately implement to get better outcomes.

In addition to expertise, I can share with you from over a decade of advanced professional certifications (CPA – Chartered Professional Accountant, CMA – Certified Management Accountant, CIA – Certified Internal Auditor, PMP – Project Management Professional, MBA – Masters in Business Administration), I’ve read over 400 business books that have provided unique insights that I weave into our innovative financial and accounting training programs.