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Finance Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs

Learn finance skills so you can increase your sales and make smarter decisions about your business expenses
Join us for a LIVE interactive finance bootcamp

What if you were never again overwhelmed by your numbers

You decided to go into business for so much more than money. You are passionate about what you can offer and the customers you serve. As an entrepreneur, you are one of those special people that make the world better.

But let me ask you a few tough love questions.

  • Did you think you would be further along by now?
  • Are you pouring your heart and soul into your idea but still not seeing the financial rewards?
  • Are you putting in more hours than you can count and just hoping the numbers will take care of themselves?
  • Or maybe you are still getting ready to launch but worried you won’t make enough to go full time.

If this resonates, we want to teach you the business finance skills you’ve been missing

We live in a society where we pick up limiting beliefs like “I’m just not good with numbers”. None of us are taught financial literacy in school and you won’t just stumble onto the skills you need to make your business profitable.

Get LIVE hands on business finance support
A short video message from Carolyn Scissons

Couldn’t I just hire a bookkeeper or a tax specialist?

Not even close. Bookkeeping and tax are important but they are focused on the past. Business finance is about your future. It is a skill that everyone small business owner must have.

Business finance is about understanding your numbers through the lens of “so what”. It is about practicing the habits and learning the techniques to bring in more money and spend what you have in the smartest way possible.

No one is going to care more about the profitability of your business than you

The finance learning lab is all about empowering you to feel confident and in control of your business numbers. It is for people ready and willing to gain the financial knowledge they have been missing and practice new skills that will actually make a difference to your company’s bottom line.

If your business has felt more like a time consuming hobby project, we must warn you that watching these videos could radically improve your financial literacy. Implementing these financial strategies could result in smarter decisions and an unintended boost in confidence.

Proceed at your own risk 😉